Saturday, January 5, 2019

My First Child Survived

Being a first time parent can be nerve racking. You have no idea what you are doing and in a blink of an eye you now have this new human (s) to take care of. There is no manual that comes along with them, and you are just kind of wished a Good Luck as you head home. You can always spot a First Time parent. They are packed to the gills with Purell and any type of sanitizing wipe you can think of. They are the one's that if their toy drops on the ground they wrap it in a bag to take home and never be used again. They are the one's that make sure their child has on 3 jackets when it is 60 degrees outside, so they don't catch a cold. I used to be one of these parents. My poor first child was watched like a Hawk. Everything was sterilized for him, and if anything touched the ground we could not use it anymore. I always carried 2 blankets with me, you know just in case in Texas it dropped below 30 degrees, he would have enough warmth if we got lost or stuck somewhere. Even though all the precautions were taken to make sure no germs were to touch him, he did the unthinkable at age 5, and guess what HE SURVIVED.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

PSA: Everyone needs a Passport to Travel Internationally

Ok, so this may not be a Public Service Announcement, but for the few dummies, like myself and my parents, it was brand new news!

Friday: It all started when I dropped my son off over at his friend's house last Friday. I walked him in and started chatting with his friend's parents. Somewhere in the conversation they mentioned that they had gotten their children a passport to travel internationally. I asked if this was just a precautionary step, to which they replied that it was a necessary one, since they were traveling internationally by air...Que panic attack starting in my head...I excused myself and said goodnight, and high tailed it out of their to call my parents. Now you are probably wondering why the sudden onset of a panic attack...well my son was traveling with my parents internationally in 2 days and it was 9:30 at night on Friday! I call my mom praying that she answers. As soon as she answers I squeak out the news that my son needs a Passport, to which she applies that they think his Birth Certificate should be enough. I tell her to look it up, but it most definitely looks like he will need one since they are traveling internationally. On the phone I hear her talking to my Dad and tell him that they need to look it up, she starts repeating Uh-Oh over and over. She quietly and quickly tells me that she is will give me a call back. I arrive home and start searching the internet like a maniac, everything I come across proves that he indeed needs a Passport. Again it is now 10:30 pm Friday evening, he is supposed to be leaving Sunday morning. My mom gives me a call back and we exchange the horror of what has unfolded in the last 45 minutes... we both question if it is possible to get a Passport on such short notice. My mom told me that in her search she found a Passport Agency located in Dallas and said that it was open the next day. She said it would be a long shot, but they do accept Walk-Ins. I told her that we would have to give it a try, because at this point we have nothing to lose.

Monday, June 4, 2018

If You Give A Pregnant Lady A Cookie

If you give a pregnant lady a cookie..who am I kidding, a pregnant lady can't eat just one cookie, then she her significant other will need to go to the store to buy more.
While her significant other is at the store she will call  wanting milk, ice cream, spaghetti, yogurt, chips, and banana's.
When she her significant other returns from the store with all the goodies she will grab a cup to pour the milk into.
While pouring the milk she notices that the cup is dirty and decides that the whole kitchen needs to be cleaned.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Truthful Thursday-Pet Peeve's

I am going to start a Truthful Thursday blog. In so hopefully I can share a little bit more about myself, and what goes on in my life. Today's Truthful Thursday I have decided to share my Pet Peeves. Maybe we share some of the same Pet Peeve's,
One of the goofy pictures I always send
my son, while on a trip. 
maybe you have some you would like to share. Comment Below!

Top 10 Pet Peeves

1. Dishes left in the sink.
2. Toothpaste left on a Toothbrush.
3. Having to Follow Someone in a car that goes too fast.
4. Getting to the check out line, only to discover there is no tag on item.
5. Cliff Hangers
6. Losing my place in a book.
7. Clothes on the ground.
8. Having too much ice in a drink.
9. Wearing my glasses, I would much rather wear my contacts.
10. When there is more air in the chip bag, than chips.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5 Games You Need At Your Next Game Night

1. Telestrations: This has to be one of the funniest games to date. There has not been a time that I haven't played it where my cheeks and stomach don't hurt. This game combines drawing and the game Telephone ( remember you would whisper something into someone's ear, then they would whisper it in their partners, and by the time that you got around the whole circle it was not what you had said). Well this is that but drawing. You start with a word, and depending on how many people are playing, you either write the word down and then hand it off, or write the word down and then draw your word. The person next to you will then either draw your word or guess what you have drawn. The hilarity comes from the pictures and guess that people produce. It is a lot more fun when you play with people that can't draw. You send your drawing boards around the circle and when it gets back to you, you are able to see what word you started with and what word you ended up with (ex: I had started with the word ice cream and the last word one of my friends wrote was surfboard). You can then share your drawing boards with everyone and see where the word went wrong.

Time To Play: 45 minutes (Also depends on size of group)
Age Range: 8-99
# of Players: 4-6 or f you get the party size 4-12

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Marriage

Hug, Hold Hands, High Five- Do anything to be able to share a touch with your spouse. A simple hug in the morning or before bed can do wonders for the relationship. Don't get caught up in everyday chaos and forget to give your spouse some loving.

Appreciate What the Other Does for You- even if it is a small gesture, appreciate everything. Make sure that you let them know it doesn't go unnoticed. If they help with the dishes let them know how much it means to you and helps you out for the night. Maybe they bathe the baby for the night and let you relax, tell them thank you. Something as simple as making a cup of coffee in the morning for you, don't let it go unnoticed. 

Place Your Spouse Before Anyone Else- When you took your vows, you promised to love each other, and be there through hard times and good. Your spouse should be the one that you make all your decisions with. They should be the first one to hear big news. If you are going through something tough or need someone to talk to, your spouse should be the one that you talk it out with. Do not make your spouse feel like they are not your number one person. This becomes tricky when kids are involved, we often put our kids before our spouses. Remember your spouses were there before the kids. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It's a Pilot's Wife Life For Me

When I first met my husband I was intrigued with his job title...he is a Pilot. I had never met a Pilot before and it was like meeting a unicorn. Pilot's are considered one of those rare job titles that you don't meet a lot of. I had a ton of questions for knowing it was questions he had answered over and over...which he gladly answered for me. When people find out that he is a Pilot they too have the same fascination  I had when I first met him...we will then usually spend the next hour talking about his job and him answering the same questions I once asked him. Being a Pilot's wife I have come to find out that I get asked the same questions over and I have resorted to saying my husband works at the airport...that usually diverts anymore questions. I have taken to Pinterest to show some Meme's that describe my life as a Pilot Wife to a T.

Pilot and Normal Person Live Here Door Mat by High Cotton. $21.59. Unique aviation humor. Indoor or outdoor. Non-skid backing. Waterproof. Whether inside or out, add a bit of humor to your home with a Doormat that is sure to make visitors smile. Waterproof, UV stable carpet features pilot wings and a durable non-skid backing making it at home inside or out. Measures 18" x 30".

1. This explains my life exactly, wherever we go and people find out that my husband is a Pilot, the conversation very quickly turns to him and his job. There have even been instances where I am introduced and then followed by " her husband is a Pilot". It seems like whenever we meet new people there is really no way to get around the job description. We have learned to go with it and be as vague as possible...sometimes it works...and sometimes we find ourselves talking about flying for the night.

2. The best feeling is when you know that your husband is coming home from a few days of being gone. You are counting down the minutes until you can give him a big hug, and then you get the phone call or text that they have added on another overnight to his trip. That is the worst feeling knowing that you will then have to wait another day to see him. Pilot Wives have to be independent, we can't live by a set schedule because it is bound to change day by day. Our pilot may be scheduled to get home that evening, but ends up getting stuck where he is due to weather, or a plane malfunction. It is also hard to make plans in advance, because we have no idea what his schedule will look like for the next month. If we are invited somewhere I usually find myself saying: " I will have to check with my husbands schedule".  The great news is when he has 4-5 days off in a row!

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